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Rapture Pup

Posted Sunday, November 4, 2012, at 2:26 PM

Pets may be left behind,
I don't know, pro or con,
No clue in Bible, can I find,
Won't know, until we're gone.
A sister in Christ commented on poem 'Imparting Departing' about the pup left behind, and inspired this, about the Rapture Pup, as I pray it may be. Hope you like it:

Rapture Pup
By Arley Steinhour 110412

There was a puppy on a leash,
Leading man-child where ere he went,
So long as the man-child filled his dish,
Then his guidance would be well spent.

One day, as they were walking,
Enjoying three squirrels and a cat,
Jumping, barking, as if talking,
Happy pup, barked at this and that.

The day was bright in God's sunlight,
Only small clouds, were passing by,
Birds were singing, ne'er sad plight,
Life was good, in the puppy's eye.

A block or two, or was it three,
Hard to tell with a joy replete,
With master on leash, so full of glee,
Soft grass crunching beneath his feet.

Horns wailing, caught pup's fine tuned ear,
Much like sounds from box on table,
Louder, louder, until quite near,
He started to bark, but wasn't able.

Just as pup turned his head to see,
If the man-child heard the sound,
Leash fell to ground, as if dropped free,
Only clothing, lay on the ground.

Pup stopped and sat down expectantly,
Man-child must be somewhere near,
His clothing was there, where child should be,
What happened, to the pup, unclear.

These many times, they'd walked along,
Man-child, had never dropped his leash,
Pup could hear man-child singing a song,
'Go home, go home, stay by your dish.'

Puppy, sat there, somewhat, all confused,
Until the words, of the song, sank-in,
Off he went, homeward, as if abused,
'Abandonment is a mortal sin.

Through his door, pup ran full tilt,
To his cushion, next to his dish,
Waited in faith, their friendship had built,
If pup knew how he'd pray with a wish.

Before him formed a soft blue light,
Another first, for the weary pup,
Twas getting dark, near full of night,
Bowl empty, needing filling up.

The light took shape, of man-child,
Puppy shook as he heard boy talking,
Voice, warm and loving, soft and mild,
Saying, 'Time for our daily walking.'

Together, now, they'll always be one,
Best friends, Leash of love between,
Plenty of time to experience God's fun,
Never again, to meet someone that's mean.


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What a tear-jerker, but joyful too! Thank you, Arley! You are truly inspired!

-- Posted by fred2 on Mon, Nov 5, 2012, at 1:53 PM

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