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Imparting Departing

Posted Sunday, November 4, 2012, at 11:42 AM

Tribulation is coming, like Witch on Broom,
Yet God's Ride for you, has plenty of room,
First, those departed, then us with a cheer,
Those, Left Behind, will have something to fear.
Imparting Departing
By Arley Steinhour 110412

Yeee-Haaa and AMEN, and I will tell you why,
Perhaps God heard our prayers, and U S may not die,
Get the Vote out, Witness long and strong,
God's Adoption, registered, "To Him, we Belong."

We may now see, if I be right,
Obama, like Thief, sneaky be in the night,
Invoke Executive orders, that he may 'Stay,'
Set aside Constitution, to continue his Sway.

From the news, perhaps, I now see,
What we had, may, never more be,
Once he tries to take Freedom away,
Day after that, Rebellion holds sway.

Election, now much like ten bowling-pins,
That may be in place, for Romney to win,
Obama's fall, may well, be on its way,
Tomorrow might be 'Tribulation Day.'

I make a lot of noise, in rhyme,
I seem to do it all the time,
The words just come, from 'can't remember,'
I type, as they fill my 'Echo-chamber.'

What value, a prophet, that works for free,
Who studies God's word, to see what I see,
I'm probably wrong, most all of the time,
That's OK, though, I offer Praise rhyme.

Be Right with Jesus, and don't be afraid,
The Sin Debt, you owed, is totally paid,
You need Repent, and give Jesus your heart,
Then, when Hell on Earth starts, you're sure to depart.



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You seem to be trying real hard to insert your Presidential Election Conspiracy Theories in with your Praise for the Lord.

Isn't there a verse in the Bible saying something like - Thou shall not bear false witness? Doing so while at the same time Praising the Lord amounts to a Double Whammie.

-- Posted by Geezer on Mon, Nov 5, 2012, at 11:05 AM

That is what we are supposed to do, I believe, Geezer, "Take it to the LORD," and I can't do that in Praise/Prayer, if I don't mention my feelings, and understanding. Besides, I also believe that Jesus/God, helped us set up a 'Republican Government,' with 'We the People' the determining authority as to who sits in the Oval Office, in accordance with our following God's Biblical standards, as best we can chose, from the candidates.

To be honest with you, I have reservations about both candidates, but my background and learning, tells me he who is in, need be 'out,' which only leaves one, whom I have minor concerns with, left to promote and to vote for; vocalizing with my God Given Right (First Amendment) of sharing my feelings with my fellow constituents, and hopefully, Christian, brothers and sisters.

All of that to agree with you, to a lesser value than you place on my words. I do voice my opinion, and comment on what I have seen in the past, to promote my concern for the job to be done, in the future, four years. BHO has a score of, perhaps, "One" (a very weak One), due to his "experience??" gained from the past four years. Romney, starts, IMO, with a solid Twenty, in that he has shown, through business performance, he can (note: "CAN")(emphasis mine)take a failing organization (of which the USA be "One"), and Save it from going "Under." FWIIW, The Election Conspiracy Theories are not mine, but information I have received from Conservative sources, but from what I have been seeing, in the WorldwideWeb, those conspiracies, seem to be deeper than noted, but/then, ""Eye of the Beholder."" I may be a tad overboard, but haven't had a wave smack my hinder-parts yet, so I'm still in the green zone.

Please note that Romney was not able to keep them all from going under, and may well fail to save the USA, but I believe he will give "We the People" far far more than we have seen the past four years.

Sorry, you commented, I return my answer. I could blather on, for hours, but I'm sure you don't wish to read that long, on what may be an antithesis to your political agenda, so I'll close, and pray that all goes as God Wills, to His Glory, even if it is contrary to my feelings. Should BHO be elected, I know it is for a purpose I do not understand, and will just live with it until we-all see what it is, how it comes about, and how big the Win is for Jesus. AMEN Yeee-Haaa, and AMEN, that is.

No matter who you want to win, get the Voters out to Vote.

Should the Voters fail to Vote, then they may miss the boat.

-- Posted by Navyblue on Mon, Nov 5, 2012, at 2:37 PM

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