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Truly Mean IT

Posted Saturday, November 3, 2012, at 1:22 PM

Clouds are forming overhead,
Makes the 'Unsaved' hide in bed,
If the Bible you haven't read,
The 'Storm' is here, are you still,
? D E A D ?
Truly Mean IT
By Arley Steinhour 110312

I praise You, this, Your Sabbath Morning,
As Your Sunlight erases the night,
Three more days till Joy, or Mourning,
Is our bird, Soaring Eagle, or Sparrow, flight.

This land, you opened to mankind,
A mere Five Hundred Twenty year,
Had more to offer, than we could find,
With a starter, of Elk, Turkey, and Deer

Near Four Hundred years, to settle,
Even with internal war we fought,
Tribulations, proved our metal,
Blessed Assurance from you we sought.

Your Blessings, kept on Blessing,
As we forged a mighty Nation,
Then with you, we started messing,
Until, it seems, you have no Station.

Your Wrath, on man, soon will Rain,
On our new god's and Abominations,
Unborn murder, rounds your Distain,
Our Crowning destruction of your Creations.
This Election, may be part of the timing,
Of Prophet Daniel's Final Seven,
Travail events seem to be rhyming,
As if Sent from GOD, in Heaven.

Earth quaking, more often than normal,
Intensities, pass Seven in strength,
Storm destruction, at Para-Normal,
God's Patience, perhaps, reached its length?

With Prayer, and Ponder, please do Vote,
I believe God wants that much from you,
Remember those not allowed on Noah's boat,
Rejecting God and His Love, 'Tried and True.'

If, His Salvation, you be at a loss,
Then, Turn your heart to God,
Jesus paid for all Sin on the Cross,
Accept Jesus, forego Hell and Iron Rod.

That sounds a bit more easy,
Than you think, where you sit,
Trust God, and don't being sleazy,
Repent your Sin, and, Truly Mean IT.


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