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Posted Thursday, November 1, 2012, at 1:18 PM

Trouble comes without invitations,
At end of Time, upon all Nations,
Travail events, cause great Torment,
Saving Lamb, from Goat, that's Hell-bent.
By Arley Steinhour 110112

What can we do ... what can we say,
When signs of the time gets us down, today,
Is there an answer, or even the will,
Are we ready to fight, to regain, God's Hill?

We all want our leaders, to answer our call,
While we go out drinking, and having a ball,
Most don't have money, card credit we'll use,
To keep up our spending, until credit we lose.

There is an answer for these painful times,
With events, like Travail, invading our climes,
Walk up to a friend, or a stranger or two,
With words of Love, Witness Jesus, so True:

Raise your arms, and open wide,
Show the World, you will not hide,
We represent, Land of the FREE,
We have RIGHTS, both you and me.

Praise, to God, at drop of hat,
Carry Bible, and a baseball bat,
We might get bruised, or even dead,
We have, with Jesus, Eternal Stead.

So, put a smile upon your face,
Let nonbelievers see you race,
All the love, that fills your heart,
Many, many, will want a Part.

Travail of Tribulation near,
Stand real close, so all can hear,
This is the Last of Gentile Sway,
Jesus knows the hour, and day.

Now you know, Make Love Show.
..... And, Away, we GO .....


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