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Trick or TREAT

Posted Wednesday, October 31, 2012, at 7:43 PM

The Lord is always watching,
Morning, Noon, or Night
He sees us when we're blessing,
Even when we're in a fight.
Trick or TREAT
By Arley Steinhour 103112

A little child came to the door,
I'd say three, or maybe four,
Stood back a bit, I am six feet,
Worked up the nerve to say Trick or Treat.

I placed a scowl upon my face,
Child acted like he's in wrong place,
His smile did fade, a child's best tool,
If I were guilty, I'd feel like a fool.

Do you love Jesus, I asked, sincere,
He looked at me, like I'd pulled his ear,
The smile came back, when he said yes,
No longer need I second guess.

The worried look, left mother's eye,
Almost as if she thought she'd cry,
I lifted up, and looked into the bowl,
It was a empty, metal hole.

'I'm sorry, son,' I had to say,
'I have no candy, to give away,
That is why I questioned you,
So you'll know, Jesus loves you, too.'

I have no fancy gift to give,
Jesus has, He will help you live,
I saw hunger in both their eyes,
Twas time for me to enterprise.

I had a Twenty, tucked away,
Saved for someone's rainy-day,
To the Mom, I handed the bill,
Her hand shook, as if with a chill.

Starting to speak, I stopped her there,
I asked the boy, if, with Mom He'd share,
His eyes lit up, as seen only in a child,
Turned to his Mommy, nodded and smiled.

The Mom, spoke to me, with trembling lip,
Her eyes grew big, as if she'd won a trip,
I raised my hand, waved them on their way,
She then knew, her son had made my day.

That wasn't much money, to help the mood,
Leaving, she said, 'we can buy some food,'
I know, my gift wasn't a fancy toy,
But that Mom's look said, I was 'God's Boy.'


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