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Good Morning God 102812

Posted Sunday, October 28, 2012, at 1:06 PM

Much like Job, when under attack,
Satan can't cause a soul to doubt,
Only you, can give God's Love back,
Without Jesus, Salvation has no clout.
Good Morning God 102812
By Arley Steinhour

I start a day of Praise and Ponder,
With my 'Wake-up, prayer, to you,
The dreams I've had about 'over yonder,'
I ask your guidance, ever-true.

Worldwide events, Travailish grows,
Events, and strength much worse,
Israel's neighbors, with hardened nose,
The Jews destruction, does rehearse.

My aging bodies, morning pain,
Cannot compare to what's to come,
When death befalls man, like rain,
Seven years, those remaining, only, 'some.'

When, all is near extinction,
With, nothing man can do,
Jew and Gentile, with distinction,
Finally, turn their hearts, to you.

Messiah, finally, receives His Glory,
For 'Redemption Price,' He Paid,
Upon that Cross, Salvation's story,
The price of Sin, forever Stayed.

I weep, for those souls, 'Left-Behind,'
Who would not accept your offer,
Your Gift, Redemption, to the 'blind,'
In rebellion, continued as a 'scoffer.'

Only, when they realize, you be,
The Savior, foretold, in Prophecy,
Will they cry, on high, and see,
You Return, to Save and Rule, Eternally.

Then, Peace, on Earth, and in Heaven;
Death, Rebels, and Hell, in Flaming Sea,
Forever free, of Sinful Leaven,
Perfect JOY, for you and me.


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