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Posted Thursday, October 25, 2012, at 7:00 PM

We dance, and Praise your Glory,
Awaiting you, to call each name,
In you, Bride, both young or hoary,
Are full of youth, no tears, no pain.
By Arley Steinhour 102512

Hallelujah, Father God,
Blessed be your Holy Name,
Sending, in lieu of Iron Rod,
Hosanna, Jesus, to us came.

You gave Messiah, to be a man,
Blessed His coming, in your NAME,
To put in place, Redemption plan,
To keep us from Eternal Flame.

Three years, six months, taught Jesus,
Overcoming, Laws twisted by man,
Until it was time to redeem us,
Accept your Gift, Salvation, your Plan.

Condemnation, and death on the Cross,
In your Feasts, everyone knew their parts,
Even Gentile, unknowing who's Boss,
Played to Prophecy, redeeming our hearts.

Two Thousand years, we've corrupted,
Your Teachings, and Your Word,
Until, at last, we be interrupted,
A Shofar blast, for most unheard.

The writing then, be on the wall,
Church and Children gone, on Rapture trip,
Tribulation soon hears Satan's call,
To accept his ungodly leadership.

Those Seven years, of Hell on Earth,
They, Left Behind, endure Tribulation,
Many refuse their Heavenly berth,
Israel, and many become a New Nation.

I pray that you, who read this vent,
Are already a Sister, or Brother,
If not, please on knees, Repent,
Be Saved by Jesus, there is none-other.


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