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Life Storm at Sea

Posted Tuesday, October 23, 2012, at 11:51 AM

His hand on your shoulder,
His eye on the storm,
His strength makes you bolder,
His Love keeps you Warm;
Stay His Course.
Life Storm at Sea
By Arley Steinhour 102312

Life, on earth, can easily be,
Like ship adrift, on stormy sea,
No control, no one to save,
Not much left, but to be brave.

Waves come crashing over the bow,
Ship stays afloat, you wonder how,
Moaning, Groaning, from heart. deep inside,
From Storms of life, not one can hide.

Thoughts of doom, scream in the brain,
'I only asked for some soothing rain,'
Friends had told you, "watch the sky,
Don't break the rules, or ever lie."

Your 'Ship of Life' flooding, by the sea,
Your pending doom, is all you see,
Life's Sea is showing greater Rage,
Your mortal life, is reading it's last page.

A small, still, voice, within your head,
Simply say's: "The last page isn't read,
There's room enough to find Salvation,
Not, from people, or even a Nation."

"Lift your eyes, turn your heart to me,
I paid your price, on 'Hill, Calvary,'
Repent your Sin, and join with Me,
Through my Grace, I'll Set you Free."

With waning strength, you lift your eyes,
Surrendering all, as you watch the skies,
Clouds roll back, crisp Sun does shine,
The small, still, voice, commands: "You're Mine."

The storms don't "Poof," just go away,
Learn from them, when they turn Gray,
The time of years that you have left,
Leave life 'Shining,' instead of Bereft.

Six Thousand years, God's been calling 'man,'
"Repent, your sin, Rejoin my Royal Clan,"
Our sinful life keeps the Satan alive,
His lying ways, makes man Satanic endive,

Wait not the storm, ending mortality,
Repent, while it's clear, better to see,
Be not Hell-bent, on this Mortal-sea,
So, at life's-end, You're Eternally Free.

Be-Free, With Me

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