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Happy Words Happy Day

Posted Friday, October 19, 2012, at 5:38 PM

Ten feet tall, only in my heart,
To be this tall, I would fall apart,
Long distance call, to tie my shoe,
Who would I have to look up to?
Dear Friends and Family,

Happy Words Happy Day
By Arley Steinhour 101912

With all the blessings, received today,
My heart has something it wants to say,
This isn't really my success story,
To Jesus, I give all the glory.

He tucks me in, and wakes me up,
He even reminds me when to sup,
He teaches me what I need know,
And guides my every word flow.

Today's the day I put away,
Another year, that I've lived,
From what you say, I say this,
I'd love to give you all a kiss.

Instead of making you withdraw,
Or, maybe even call the Law,
I'll do, I guess, what I do best,
Poeticize, and you know the rest:

Thank you, One, thank you, All,
This whole day, I've heard your call,
Praise, and wishes, blessings of cheer,
Will carry me well, for another year.

Awesome is, each day, for me,
Be it at my PC, or on my knee,
There cannot, ever, seem to be,
A day, that Jesus can't fix, for free.

I'm glad you like the Praise, I share,
So many friends, most everywhere,
This blessing that God gave to me,
Don't cost a dime, so I share it free.

I type on keyboard, best I can,
As a Poet, I'm an also ran,
But, as I type, He whispers clear,
Nifty Rhyme words, in my ear.

Sometimes, I need the Webster book,
Or Bible to know how the word will look,
It always seems to fill the thought,
Perfectly, the mood is caught.

My life is fun, I have no tear,
I'm way too old, to have a fear,
Today I start a brand new year,
Your blessings, all, refuel my cheer.

Thank you folks, one and all,
For giving me a Birthday call,
There isn't many ways to fall,
You made me feel, ten feet tall.


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