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Winners One and All

Posted Wednesday, October 17, 2012, at 5:05 PM

Earthly colors show a splendor,
With a beauty, soft and tender,
Are toned down, from Heaven's peak,
So, Best yet to Come, we Seek.
Winners One and All
By Arley Steinhour 101712

I guesstimate your Love for me,
Best, as mortality let's me do,
Still the depth, I cannot see,
When everything is showing you.

I see you in grass and flowers,
singing softly to my eyes,
I see you in the man-made towers,
Windows shining in morning skies.

I see you in the tops of trees,
As the wind hums through the branches,
I see you when I'm on my knees,
Or, at sea, riding waves, like trenches.

Every cloud reminds my heart,
Of the softness of your way,
A 'Cat-Scan' shows my every part,
From Birth, to turning Gray.

The world, I've traveled, seeking,
Where you end, and you begin,
It seems you catch me peeking,
It's a game, I can't seem to win.

I praise, and pray, most every day,
I search, both high and low,
All I see, calls: 'I'm part of the Way,
Won't you stop, and enjoy the show?'

At last, I think I've seen the light,
Understanding is not my call,
I witness with heart-flame burning bright,
So, 'Unsaved,' before you, to knees fall.

I am, in you; a witness,
Holy Spirit's beck-and-call,
When they let Him do his business,
We are 'Winners,' One and All.


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