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Birthday Bash

Posted Saturday, October 13, 2012, at 12:22 PM

Once, 'Full Ahead' meant every Sail,
Today, 'Top Rev.' on every Screw,
Not much bigger, than a whale,
Ten Knots about all she'd do.
Birthday Bash
By Arley Steinhour 101312

This Prairie Lad, grew, and went to sea,
Blue horizons on his mind,
Joined the Navy, to keep man Free,
Removing enemy we could find.

First thing that the Navy did,
Was teach me Morris Coding,
Placed on a ship, not well hid,
Twas a Tender, for Supply loading.

I manned the rail to watch the ships,
Leave harbor, for Ocean Blue,
Months later, they'd return to slips,
From Foreign Ports, trained True.

Over twenty years, on Sub's, and Ships,
I rode the oceans of the world,
Ports of call, God's wonder, safe slips,
On occasion, with Battle Flag, unfurled.

I saw ships, go from oil-burners,
To the Nuclear, fighting machine,
Aircraft go from propeller churners,
To Mach-two, cutting air so clean.

Halfway through my twenty-plus,
A Sailor, stepped upon the Moon,
Neil took that small step, for all of us,
Harbinger of new things, coming soon.

We started out on Ships of Sail,
With a hundred swab and marine,
Weren't much bigger than a whale,
Now the Carrier, a city sized machine.

Thirteen, October, Seventeen, Seventy-Five,
This out-back people, to be a Nation, did strive,
A navy, of sorts, must then come to life,
Armed traders, fought British drum and fife.

Today's the day that is set aside,
It's Navies Birthday, for all to know,
Humble beginnings, industry, applied,
We Sail all the Sea's, above, and below.


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