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Restacking the Deck

Posted Sunday, October 7, 2012, at 7:06 PM

Awaiting that special moment,
to Snatch the Bride away,
At the time of perfect endearment,
We're His for the Eternal Day
Restacking the Deck
By Arley Steinhour 100712

Dear Lord, God, I'm in a quandary,
So, I'm bringing it to you,
About, good and bad personality,
And what we're supposed to do.

Your Good Book, say's good is good,
And the opposite for bad,
But that was when most did as should,
And, others were but a fad.

Today we have a shuffling error,
The bad cards didn't go away,
Their numbers growing to be a terror,
Where all the good folk used to play.

Your prophecy, now makes good, sad
As the 'bad,' call themselves good,
In doing that, they call good, bad,
As you prophesied they would.

Young folk have called good, bad,
Now, for a number of years,
We thought that be but a fad,
Even though it burned the ears.

The world is turning up-side-down,
The new good folk displaying Hate,
New bad folk, can only wonder and frown,
Dumbly thinking this'll dissipate.

If, only, folks would read your book,
Your Bible tells us what we're in,
Tribulation, now, starting to cook,
Like Travail, the justifying of Sin.

If only the bad, new good, could be,
Willing to hear good, new bad, witness,
Then bad, as new good, would be free,
Through Cross, your Redemption business.

Your Will be done, to glorify,
The Holy God, you forever be,
If new good, change to true good,
With all that good together, both are free.

Some refuse your Word as food,
Preferring to take a chance,
Throw away your word, unchewed,
As they gamble with happenstance.

Come soon, Dear Lord, sort the cards out,
Confusion rules over your flock,
Collect the Bride, with Bridegroom shout,
Snatch all who are walking the walk.


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