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Calling for Repentance

Posted Saturday, October 6, 2012, at 12:00 PM

You cannot fly to God, on High,
By looking at the ground,
Without His help, we cannot fly,
Man's way, graves abound.
Calling for Repentance
By Arley Steinhour 100612

It seems as if your blessing,
You may have pulled away,
From all the people, messing,
With religious games, today.

"So many ways, to heaven,"
Formed by our 'Vegas' mind,
Dice thrown, always seven,
But, no peace can many find.

We've set you on a shelf, somewhere,
Your way's all buried deep,
We build our tower, without a care,
Thinking you have gone to sleep.

The Prophets forecast this sad time,
When man would 'run amok,'
Thinking all we say will rhyme,
Not knowing, we are the joke.

Disaster truly lies ahead,
If we don't change our ways,
Awarding, Salvation's stead,
As Torment, Eternal Day's.

The time is short, to Repent,
We still can return to you,
In your Love, this stay last bent,
For 'Church' to show it's True.

Consequence be Tribulation,
Of Great, and Deadly kind,
End of Nation after Nation,
Only Satan, is easy to find.

Refusal of the beastly mark,
Means martyrdom, to most,
Time for Christians, very dark,
With a light, only, in Holy Ghost.

To Jesus, Please, turn your heart,
Be it first time, or re-turn,
You are saved, when His 'path' you start,
Sadly, any other, you will burn.


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