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Good Bad Ugly and Rescue

Posted Friday, October 5, 2012, at 6:26 PM

Eternal life, with the only One,
Who came and died for us,
All other god's, just make fun,
Or throw their subjects 'under the bus.'
J E S U S makes us winners.
Good Bad Ugly and Rescue
By Arley Steinhour 100512

Ah-Ha, Ho Ho, a touch of snow,

I think the summer's done,

The dirt was warm, no snow to show,

But watching it fall was fun.

The snow-man with a carrot nose,

Must wait a week or three,

So all parts can go where it goes,

Standing tall, not leaning on a tree.

Corn stalks, brown, and almost dry,

This last crop almost in,

The drought has made some farmers cry,

With no grain in the bin.

World crop failures, contemplated,

Horse of hunger is running strong,

Grim reaper can't be castigated,

before great suffering comes along.

A touch of joy, a 'grunch' of strife,

Is what we can see today,

Change of season, loss of life,

For mortal sin, we'll pay.

Without a drastic change of heart,

Repentance, and change of ways,

Soon the world is torn apart,

In hate and strife, for many days.

We may not stop the Prophecies,

But can seal the place we go,

Turn to Jesus, if you please,

We'll play, in 'Heaven's Show.'


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