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Unseen Scene

Posted Sunday, September 30, 2012, at 4:39 PM

A Scene like this,
Should never be Seen,
The 'brother's keeper,'
Should keep life Clean.
Unseen Scene
By Arley Steinhour 093012

I traveled here,
I traveled there,
Too strong to fear,
Too young to steer.

My life was cool,
My life the fool,
Too poor to jive,
Too low to hive.

I tried a look,
I tried a book,
Too blind to see,
Too slow to be.

I thought I'd go,
I thought I'd show,
Too many miles,
Too many smiles.

I took a street,
I took it fleet,
A sorry sight,
A sorry blight.

I saw a child,
I saw him wild,
No home for him,
No home for grim.

I saw him thin,
I saw him sin,
With self no care,
With brother share.

I saw that life,
I saw the strife,
Upon that poor,
Upon that shore.

The owner wailed,
The boy was jailed,
Without for fine,
Without for sign.

Judgment made,
Judgment Paid,
Dark Jail boy goes,
Dark Jail boy woes.

A man paid price,
A man paid nice,
Redeeming Grace,
Redeeming Race.

Child could be free,
Child could be me,
Child you don't see,
Child could be Thee.


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