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Gestation Guestimation

Posted Saturday, September 29, 2012, at 12:51 PM

Birth of child, has wondrous worth,
It seems, few people understand,
All that God put into 'Birth,'
Before holding child in hand.
(and all the mothers say)
Gestation Guestimation
By Arley Steinhour 092912
My first thought was kind-of smug,
What is this thing called Life,
I live, I'm warm and Oh-so snug,
Where is this mortal thing called Strife?

as guest, in womb, I grow, and on my way,
Toward the life, you made me for,
I know, that there'll be work and play,
Before I graduate to Heaven's door.

I feel my person taking shape,
How large will I grow,
Human formed, from cellular crepe,
My final size, only you know.

Trimester One, behind this soul called me,
With a question in my beating heart,
Where can all those other souls be,
I felt near, right at the start?

One by one, many soul's weren't there,
How could they just disappear,
Why, Lord, this life, they couldn't share,
The child, a world will not see or hear?

Your answer gave me peaceful pause,
You replied, 'Someday you'll understand;'
Stretching and kicking, I hear 'Oh's, and Ah's,'
Sometimes a gentle pat from mother's hand.

Trimester Two completed, growing like a tree,
Must weigh a, fighting, pound, or three,
To home-stretch we go, soon, born to be,
The wonderful creation, that you've made of me.

I'm really getting anxious now,
the space gets, smaller by the day,
My growth should be described and 'WOW,'
Hey, God, that birth canal, NO WAY!!

His chuckle, comes to this anxious heart,
'Worry not, my child, it's all as I have planned,
When mom pushes, you'll do your part,
Birth complete, when in the doctors hand.'

Words can't express the tribulation pain,
Poor mom felt, through my birthing-time,
Overwhelming Love, for me, my gain,
Completed bond, as Angelic bells did chime.

Arriving to the here and now, a shock,
I look around but world I can't yet see,
I'm naked, cold, can cry, but not talk,
Oh, God, Is this what you planned for me???


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