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Posted Friday, September 28, 2012, at 12:08 PM

This painting might start mortal song,
It's plain to see the color is wrong,
This dullness shown, don't quite belong,
Repent and know how, before very long.
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By Arley Steinhour 092812

In Heaven, there's a lot of things,
Not seen, or heard, too well, on earth,
That's why, All in Heaven Sings,
When we choose, to step into New Birth.

Holy Spirit, doesn't tell us,
Exactly, all we'll see and know.
Like describing a Greyhound bus,
Parked on a needle, here below.

Our finite mind can't understand,
Until expanded through Rebirth,
Seeing more of what God's planned,
Compared to this, our mortal earth.

To see a tree, in frolicked sway,
In stream of breeze's whispered play,
Carrying odors beyond any human 'say;'
Enjoyed, through Spirit, no other way.

Perhaps, the flowers choral,
In an octave beyond the ear,
Joy beyond the eye seen floral,
Even taste buds, want to cheer.

Path rocks massage sole of feet,
Unyielding, but marshmallow soft,
And when you want to fly is neat,
Rocks push, as you spring aloft.

There are no Tare in Heaven,
Only Wheat, we choose see and do,
Determined by our mortal Leaven,
The least, in Heaven, is Angel True.

Come, join me, in God's Eternity,
Not, be with Satan, in Flaming Sea,
With Jesus, only Love's Prosperity,
Love, in Hell, a nothing, hyperbole'.


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