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Yom Kippur Praise

Posted Wednesday, September 26, 2012, at 1:14 PM

The Temple of Herod, fantastic they say,
Millennial Temple makes this a house of play,
That Temple, from which our Jesus will Rule,
For One-Thousand years, be 'Way_More_Cool.'
Yom Kippur Praise
By Arley Steinhour 092612
Yom Kippur Day 5773

I must learn to Praise you, in morning, early,
Reading the news, my mind sour's squirrely,
Lying cries fly as high as the sky,
Obvious falsehoods, with a sparkle in eye.

The leaders of those who would kill us,
Present like a brother, concealing a Bus,
Accusing our lifestyle, like, what they own,
Loving our neighbor, they say, must be outgrown.

They can't stand our 'pushy' way, of offering help,
To peoples, in need, as it makes them a whelp,
Offering hatred, to quell need for giving,
Refusal, is excuse, for stopping our living.

Beware, you say, of those looking like lamb,
Having deep growling voice of the 'Anti-I Am,'
That wolf, in sheep's clothing, a dangerous sort,
From whom, one need rebuild, a well-stocked Church/Fort.

Change, in the White House, as the dollar is almost dead,
Does little good, if not owning, a repossessed bed,
A roof, called a bridge, a box for the night,
No food or water, we become horrendous sight.

We know that you're coming, just don't quite know when,
To settle this problem of Hating, and Sin-filled Fen.
A few, 'Keep the Watch,' receiving contempt-filled deride,
But, true to your word, we stand tall and don't hide.

Celebrating Fall Feast's, Yom Kippur, be today,
Day you forgive, as Azazel carries Sin away.
Messiah, the Jew will accept in very near day,
They'll understand they only needed to pray.

All your Will, must be done, to make things complete,
Salvation in You, in Repentance, we'll sit at your feet,
Eternity comes, once Final Judgment ends Mortality,
And those who belong, will no end, forever to see.

Just YOU, me, us, We, we're forever FREE.


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