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Day of Atonement

Posted Sunday, September 23, 2012, at 2:44 PM

At the Temple, Jesus soon to rebuild,
Many Peoples, will sing and pray,
Prayer and laughter flows oer street, and field,
Though there's work, it's more like play.
Day of Atonement
By Arley Steinhour 092312

Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement),
Is about to play the day,
For Jews, a very important moment,
Where their sin is taken away.

Judeo Christian, has the key,
That keeps sin, full away,
Accepting Jesus, on bended knee,
Yom Kippur is, each and every day.

One day soon, Messiah, Jesus,
Open's each and every heart,
As king and Savior, no more fuss,
Sin and Satan, no more a life-part.

All of this, won't happen fast,
It takes a Thousand, and Seven years,
For total cleansing, and Sin be past,
With God, all as one, Heavenly Cheers.

Today, there's alternate belief,
Called 'religions,' one and all,
Where 'doing,' might give relief,
If you're perfect, and don't fall.

The Bible is the only Way,
It offers Salvation, free and clear,
Through Repentance, as you say,
'In Jesus' name,' so God can hear.

Holy Spirit fills your heart,
You start to change you ways,
House cleaning then does truly start,
You'll live cleaner, more lively, days.

He doesn't promise health and gain,
Problems will come needing resolution,
Be it health, or loss, gain from that rain,
Growing wisdom from life's institution.

As a child of God, keep in memory,
He placed us in this mortal life,
To train us for our destiny,
To be His, Eternal Wife.


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