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The Rags We Offer

Posted Saturday, September 22, 2012, at 12:53 PM

Hanging in the middle,
Which way do I go,
Only One way, don't 'Play the Fiddle,'
He paid 'Redemption,' so, I Know.
The RAGs We Offer
By Arley Steinhour 092212
Samekh (supported by) Pro 1

So many people of today,
With 'god's of man,' do worship-play,
The Ah's, the Ohm's, and twisted limb,
Cannot Save; but brings smile to HaShem.

God, tells us that doing the physical,
Can never pay the price,
Of Eve and Adam's error, historical,
Naught we do, can ere suffice.

God Loves us, with such great weight,
He sent His only Son to pay,
Execution Death, only, can dissipate,
Unto Redemption, no other way.

All other religions, those man-bent,
Demand you, suffer, do, and, pay,
So, when you stand before judgment,
You 'might, 'qualify' for eternal sway.

The One True God, will, as a Gift,
Forgive, and mark you 'Paid Complete,'
Between Him and you, no more a 'Rift,'
Through Blood of Christ, poured at His feet.

Not standing, what you see in life,
No matter, tribulation, or great strife,
Salvation can't be earned, playing drum and fife,
Total 'Surrender,' and 'Repentance;' can be God's Wife.

No mortal dogma can ever pass the Test,
To live amongst Angels, as God's Best,
Outside God's Gate, there is no Rest,
In the Lake of Fire, Satan's Nest.

Manmade faith, flawed, incomplete,
Though it may make you feel so neat,
Look to Jesus, not sole of feet,
Surrender, so you'll be, Complete.

Dedicated to a very dear friend, who knows I reach out with love.
May that person see 'choice's' error, and become a part of life, Above.
I do not argue, very well, with results often destructive.
With Spirit's help, I may say, the key word that's constructive.
Only Jesus, willingly died, to pay our debt,
None Other.

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