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Racing to Eternity

Posted Thursday, September 20, 2012, at 12:43 PM

Do you feel you need to run away,
Does anyone seem to give a care
Is there hatred in all work and play,
Turn to Jesus, He's always there.
Racing to Eternity
By Arley Steinhour 092012

Open, 'Heart-eyes,' and see with me,
Heaven, where we cannot find Mortal life,
Mortality is One-Time-Race, we see,
Win or Lose, Life-training, is filled with strife.

We, ALL, are Racers, each and every one,
Lane, block, and shoe, different shape and size,
Love, Pain, and Strife, affect how well we run.
Yet, the Lane, determines our winner prize.

Born, into the competition, of this one-time mortal race,
We hear competitors, mumble and grumble,
Avoiding, narrow, rocky lane (a foreboding place),
Narrow, close to Starter, as if he wants to see us stumble.

"I'd quit this scene," we mumble,
"But, it's the only 'True-race' in town,
I'll just make sure that I don't stumble,
So I won't look like those other 'Racing Clown'."

We, believe, that We are good enough,
To win this Life-race, on our own,
There's no way, for us, to 'Have the Stuff,'
Race print says, 'we Can't win, if we Race alone.'

A tap, we feel, on bare shoulder,
It's the Starter, with a gift, we find,
We wonder, 'What, a Sip of Wine, and Cracker?
I think this Starter's lost his Mind.'

"Believe in Me, and you'll win the race,"
'What, This Starter wants me to cheat?
I'll compete, as 'I' put every step in place,
Rock dodging, part of making my win complete.'

The Starter, smiles, and nod's His plea, again,
Before He turns, to walk away,
Heart-voice accepts, and repents our Sin,
To Starter, one fate-filled, race-in-progress, day.

We wonder, how he did that,
The race had started, when all came clear,
Lane narrow, but rocks gone, like rabbit in hat,
We hear Angelic spectator's begin to cheer.

Even before, we reach life's end,
We know the proof, that we have won,
Knowing, full-well, that we have sinned,
the Starter Judges, through His only Starter Son.

Life Race we win, without a single loss,
By Receiving Salvation, through His Grace,
'Last leg,' pre-won, without 'Sin-Dross,'
At Wedding Table, we have Honored Place.

World class giver, or crippled beggar,
All, will one day, cross finish line,
Will Jesus weep, as off to Hell we stagger,
Or Sing with joy, with us, in 'Hugging Line?'

We Choose the Lane, Life the Starting Block,
Accepting Jesus, we walk the walk,
Eternity, in Heaven, with Belief upon the 'Rock,'
Bride of Christ, Complete; Let's Talk.


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