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Your Way

Posted Thursday, September 13, 2012, at 10:28 AM

Keep the Watch, especially this weekend,
Perhaps for something 'Wonderful,'
With Yom Teruah, just around the bend,
Trumpet Sounding might bring Mr. Wonderful.
Your Way
By Arley Steinhour 091312

When you bend your knee in prayer,
Be sure your heart is free of dust,
The kind you find, layer on layer,
In unborn heart, just call it Rust.

But, then, you'd not be praying,
For anything, but greed;
Today, prayer should be saying:
Dear God, strengthen, please, our need.

We need, and pray, your Will be Done,
Only you, have a Perfect Plan,
To repossess that which Satan won,
When Eve and Adam, took fruit in hand.

So many Christians, pray for peace,
But, only as 'we' recommend,
You knew, when you gave them the covering fleece,
Our Salvation, You had already planned.

Salvation, in that, you Never Change,
Jot or Tittle from your Perfect Way,
We need learn to Abide Your Perfect Grange,
As you enforce your Perfect Sway.

Please, guide us in heartfelt supplication,
As man faces Tribulation Seven,
May we, In You, be your Family Nation,
For, wherever you are, is Heaven.


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