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Heartfelt Reminder

Posted Sunday, September 9, 2012, at 8:07 PM

High Noon, for some,
Midnight for others,
Tribulation, soon to come,
Escape's, Christian, sisters and brothers.
Heartfelt Reminder
By Arley Steinhour 090912

Why do Christians hate to die,
When there's Heaven just beyond,
Where, nevermore an eye will cry,
And every soul, as family, bond.

In Jesus, we can never die,
His blessings, go on and on,
Here, on earth, or in the sky,
Our mortal debt is gift, not won.

Here, in this Prep School life of ours,
There's strife, great pain, and sorrow,
In weeks, or days, or maybe hours,
We be gone to that eternal morrow.

Eve and Adam, made a big mistake,
Eating fruit, from Good and Evil tree,
War, and famine, bones that break,
Born, condemned to the burning sea.

That is, unless, we make the choice:
Christ, Jesus, our God and King,
Praising him, lend our voice,
To make our heart take wing.

Redemption, on Golgotha hill,
On the Cross, He bought us back,
Free from Sin, heart knows the thrill,
Holly Spirit abides, no more a shack.

Lift your eyes, to heaven's gate,
Open and waiting, calling us through,
Choose repentance, before too late,
Or, His 'Grace,' may abandon you.

Unrepentant, needs fear death,
With 'Choice' chances getting thin,
In Tribulation, a shortage of breath,
Surrounded by Hatred, and Total Sin.


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