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Regaining Wealth

Posted Saturday, September 8, 2012, at 9:08 PM

Sometimes we need to swallow,
Every ounce of pride we have left,
If normal income lies fallow,
Work at any job, don't be bereft.
[that might blind one to the advantages]
Regaining Wealth
By Arley Steinhour 090812

In November we get a President,
Be he greenhorn or crippled duck,
On the budget he'd better make a dent,
Or American's might call him 'Schmuck.'

Credit-line, is fading,
Job market, hit the fan,
Corporations, aren't worth raiding,
Peoples trust, molding in a soup-can.

Millions, on the welfare dole,
Millions, without gainful work,
Mom and Pop shops, in sink-hole,
Welfare lines need far-more clerks.

Dear God, I think we're sinking,
Or, is the water rising up,
Our cadaver, not yet stinking,
There's just no bottom in our cup.

Once upon a time, ago,
Cup, couldn't hold it all,
The extra blessing did overflow,
But that was just before the fall.

Free soup-lines, now get longer,
Soup so thin, you need a straw,
Bridges better for living under,
Complaining, is now against the law.

There is an answer, written,
Many people know it's there,
Israeli, are called smitten,
But, 'Cash and Carry,' is the Fair.

Except, for great big purchase stings,
Purchase cash, or do not need,
Finance only 'must have' things,
Firstly, Tithe, and Savings, feed.

Spend the Sabbath, with our God,
Love your neighbor, as yourself,
Bless Jesus, for saving, from Iron Rod,
We'll recover, far more than Wealth.


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Sorry, to be so windy, Geezer, one and all, but, I feel the need to offer one other aspect of my poetry/praise, and that is the picture, I try to associate with the tenor of the verse. Here, depicted, is Samson, not because of his great strength, but through a flaw in his character (women), he became a 'blind' slave, doing the will of others, not self, but was able to regain his honor, by regaining the blessing of God.... my story in a picture, so to speak.

My praise, and poetry is predominantly written, to God/Jesus, which I share with you, my (hopefully) brothers and sisters, in Christ Jesus. OK, I'm done.

-- Posted by Navyblue on Sun, Sep 9, 2012, at 10:58 AM

You expand my use of 'welfare dole' well, Geezer. What you address, is a part of why I used those two exact words. Please take them to a Dictionary, preferably one more a tome, where more all the definitions are used, and you will see, I hope, my use includes anything, like: '... common blessings of life; prosperity; happiness; applied to persons...'

Yes, my dominant focus was on what we call 'Welfare rolls,' which some folk, in tough times, need use, as a 'hand-up.' My gripe is with those demanding (though they could earn) a 'hand-out,' without attempting to improve their lifestyle, beyond additional monies awarded to newly born members of the family group.

I do appreciate you bringing this to my, and readership, attention, as I often forget that not every word, today, carries more meaning, than the sometimes myopic (one) truth, society has used the word for.

What I have just responded with, I do not have the skill, to completely put into poetic format, so I must rely on folks to look beyond my poetic glimpse of the subject, to see a more complete picture, often beyond that which crosses my mind, while authoring.

Humor: You do not need be concerned about Dementia, at least yet, as your posts are always quite well versed, creative, and astute.

I, can only do the best I am able, followed by prayer that I be forgiven, when I do err.

-- Posted by Navyblue on Sun, Sep 9, 2012, at 10:48 AM


The latest estimate of the loss of personal wealth due to the financial system collapse is roughly one third and growing.

Many people watched their life savings in retirement accounts and their children education funds completely vanish. There were no subsidy programs or low interest loans available to offset their losses. There were no Federal Government subsidized insurance programs which they could rely on to carry them through the rough financial times.

If you are going to point fingers at those on the welfare dole, you should probably include the entire agriculture community. Nearly every aspect is Government subsidized and supported. Of course, that would probably require you to point your finger at many of your friends and neighbors - even those claiming to have Conservative and Faith based values.

Nearly all areas of our country have suffered from the reduction in valuation of property due to the decrease in value of homes -- which is the average person's biggest lifetime investment. Yet, the valuation of farm land continues to rise to record levels. Why is this happening Arley? Could it be that investors see farm land as a safe haven due to all the Federal Government Programs established as a safety net that will protect their investments?

You are only telling one side of the story Arley.

-- Posted by Geezer on Sun, Sep 9, 2012, at 8:36 AM

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