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Good Morning Lord 090812

Posted Saturday, September 8, 2012, at 11:04 AM

May your Word-light shine upon my heart,
May my prayers to be welcomed by you,
May the Tribulation Times soon start,
Day of Gentiles, then be through.
Good Morning Lord 090812
By Arley Steinhour

I got tuckered out this morning,
Since I raced right out of bed,
My skill at moaning and groaning,
Was Olympic, in what I said.

My body ran quite sluggish,
My mind raced on, ahead,
'New body, Lord,' my wish,
But 'Old' I have, instead.

Praying, as I slosh along,
The comfort room, in sight,
The 'throne-room' is where I belong,
Seems that nothing's working right.

Thank you Lord, I made it,
Pill and shower is what I need,
Brush the tooth, give a spit,
From my grogginess, I'm freed.

The morning, out the window,
Is bright and clear, today,
Preparing to Sabbath, Follow,
Prayer, and Fellowship, your way.

I whip up, standard breakfast,
Of pancake and two egg,
Body fed, still Spirit starved,
Christian teaching, I now beg.

You lend a place where I can go,
The teaching there is fine,
Much to learn, on Bott Radio
Meditation, with chair supine.

Watch the news, with you in mind,
How events play, to your word,
Event 'Travail,' no better word find,
Seems the world is making more sword.

Call this prayer, installment one,
As I commune with you today,
You know my heart, but writing's fun,
Prayer, floating in Love, sent your way.


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