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Lying Eyes Faithful Eyes

Posted Monday, September 3, 2012, at 6:01 PM

Some will see Him, as Savior,
Some will see Him, as Warrior,
Some will Praise Him, Forever,
Some will love Him, Never.
Lying Eyes Faithful Eyes
By Arley Steinhour 090312

Every-body, thinks they know,
They know all that they show,
Here's one Sense, that changes life,
That leads to joy, or strife:

Lying eyes, see what they want to see,
Lying eyes, makes you see who you think you be,

Never, if you know,
There is truth below,
As through life you go,
Feeling high or low;

Build a memory,
For your family,
Let God be your guide.

Then you'll have great joy in heart,
With bright smile, each day you'll start,
Seeking only what you should,
Beaming all that God calls good,

Faithful eyes, will see things, as they are,
Faithful eyes, discern truth, near and far,

Always, if you know
There is Truth below,
As through life you go,
Without feeling low;

Build a memory,
For your family,
Keep God as your guide.

Filling Heaven, to the brim,
With the Love, you have for Him,
With eternal Praise, we Dance,
All things perfect, never chance,

Blessed eyes, see God, as He be,
Blessed eyes, see all His Family,

Easy, if you try,
He would never lie,
Needing but to cry,
'Save me, or I die;'

He'll redeem your life,
As part of His Wife,
His, for - ever - more.


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