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Storm before the STORM [revised]

Posted Saturday, September 1, 2012, at 5:57 PM

Super Cell, or Super Shell,
There's trouble on its way,
Rapture saves, Saved, from Hell,
Blasphemies, are what 'Left Behind' will say.
Storm before the STORM [revised]
by Arley Steinhour 072711/090112

The crashing sound of thunder,
Rolls across the Prairie plain,
Lightning, ignites wonder,
Causing soul to feel great pain.

The people, of HIS calling,
Leaves haunting sound behind,
'Look not back,' the warning,
'You'll see nothing left, to find.'

Wrath-Anger, now is flaming,
in God's face, so red with rage;
The book is quickly ending,
There is NOT another page.

The Prophets, all have shouted,
Cried a dirge of whoa and tears;
Their cries severely taunted,
Unto, death, Six thousand years.

The Abrahamic Promise,
The Covenant 'we' swore,
Wandered off God's premise,
To become, a Bible Whore.

Seeking, fun filled adventure,
Worshiped Idols, with no heart,
Placed self, and things, above Him,
His blessings now, we own no part.

Fall on knees, face to the floor,
Repent all Sin-filled deeds;
His Grace will make us 'Wheat,' once more,
Redemption paid, no longer weeds.

'Time of Gentile,' soon, truly ends,
Sacrificial Redemption, goes away,
Jesus Paid; believing souls, He'll defend,
Simply ask, and give Him, full sway.

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