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Posted Friday, August 31, 2012, at 10:34 AM

Millennium, have come and gone,
Through them all, man kills his brother,
Mournful cries, of life gone wrong,
Without respect, for the life of another.

Billions die, before too long,
God's Word, say that is so,
Church be gone, to sing His Song,
Hell on Earth, be here, below.
By Arley Steinhour 083112

Great pain felt, just yesterday,
Concerning, lives of my fellow man,
We think of life as work or play,
With control of evil, well in hand.

A video from Islam land,
Thirteen young men, in a row,
Tied together, foot and hand,
In seconds, were all laid low.

What followed, gave my heart great pain,
With dead and wounded, on the ground,
If, moving, or groaning, was shot again,
Casual the attitude, as leader shot all, in head.

Eyes, though dry, my heart was wailing,
The mournful song, for those in 'total' death,
Gangland style murder, compassion failing,
Many dead, with killers not short of breath.

Why does this bother me so much,
Weren't they from another plane?
What-ever be their Social touch,
When they mingle, blood flows like rain.

If mankind cares not who they kill,
Enjoying the causing of demise,
Then Satan stands at top of hill,
With his winning, killing, lies.

I should be singing a joyous song,
Events ringing, He's close at hand,
But, I saw thirteen Souls, die 'wrong,'
Now, they'll wear an 'Hell-bent-band.'

I know I ask, way too much,
That every soul on earth Repent,
Bible says, not all will feel the touch,
When Holy Spirit tries to be their tent.

I pray, Lord, help me make life rhyme,
And to better gain in understanding,
Some 'Wheat,' some 'Tare,' forever Time,
Till your return, and on earth, you're standing.


Actual video of the Murder, in question. View only as you chose to do. If you chose to view, please watch it through, with a Bible History point of understanding.
Hosanna !!!

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