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Posted Tuesday, August 28, 2012, at 12:16 PM

My e-mail won't be quite the same,
As this, on the WEB, I offer,
Read and ponder, imagine your name,
On a stone, connoting your life, forever.
By Arley Steinhour 082812

This message, I forwarded, some time ago,
You may probably remember,
President, Front-runner, too close to know,
This chills me like December.

I pass it on, do what you want,
Heed the words, or view the stone,
Like this country fair, that I love,
We survive, together, or 'die, alone.'

Two Hundred, Thirty-plus, years ago,
This, Republic Country, came into being,
Much sacrifice, and fortune, formed this show,
This way of life, with Freedom, worth emulating.

'Snopes,' says it's true, this marble stone,
At Attica, in Harper the Kansas County,
Testimony, of at least one Patriot, alone,
Admonition, from grave, placed in Eighteen-Ninety.

Do these words play a part today, in our Leadership selection,
Will the Republic stand, to regain waning strength,
Or, this bastion of Freedom go into extinction,
Cursed through, Greed of Power, with Hangman's knot, full length?

That choice is ours, called, 'We the People,'
Our votes determine, if we fly, or fall,
Drop the names 'Conservative,' and 'Liberal,'
Put back, 'Compassion,' and 'Liberality,' for all.

People need to return to the Church-pew,
As Commandments, and Jesus, covers everyone;
Our Leaders, in prayer, in all they do,
That, God's Blessing, and Will, be Done.


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