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Posted Saturday, August 25, 2012, at 12:14 PM

Registers differ in shape and design,
Like mortal man, in Sin, forlorn,
Price of Redemption, bears the Cross Sign,
Receive and lock, His prepayment; Reborn.
By Arley Steinhour 082512

Ding-Ching, would go the Register,
As the cash drawer opened wide,
I knew I'd see no money there,
My penny earned, I tried to hide.

I'd be embarrassed, by the sound,
As my penny landed in the drawer,
Great noise is made, by copper, round,
A sound that haunts, forever-more.

A shiver shook me, head to floor,
A warm smile crossed his lip,
He'd seen me watch the drawer before,
Though never take a purchase sip.

Cashier seemed to know my treasure,
Didn't look at purchase price,
I knew my penny wouldn't measure,
An almost 'Ding-Ching,' won't suffice.

I held the copper, tight in hand,
His eyes twinkled, as finger met key,
The Sale-key slid, easily to land,
As the drawer opened, just for me.

Ding-Ching, chime, didn't meet my ear,
It was more a Royal Trumpet Sound,
I felt, and saw it, not just hear,
As if, I stood on Hallowed Ground.

Astonished, I opened hand to pay,
Beside my copper, he placed a key,
Softly, that voice, I hear today,
'Accept my offer, and lock with Me.'

I felt He was forgetting,
My copper penny purchase fee,
But, cash drawer was overflowing,
No copper space was there for me.

My understanding, then took wing
That Register is just for me,
My Treasure purchased, by the King,
For All Eternity to see.

I reaching up, gently touching drawer,
It, like Sales key, knew where to home,
Locked in the drawer, 'Pain, Suffering, and War,'
Redemption price Paid, Never more I Roam.

As Saint Paul, scales fell from my eyes,
Mortal perception began to fade,
We all must reject the Satan's lies,
When our 'Register,' is Locked and Staid.

Don't wait, too long, the End is Near,
Great Tribulation does soon begin,
Beyond the Rapture, years of Great Fear,
Taking the 'Mark,' is Unredeemable SIN.


I write as Jesus led homily,
And share it here, with you,
If you send to friend and family,
Perhaps, He'll bless more than a few?

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