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Posted Friday, August 24, 2012, at 9:12 AM
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    -- Posted by annarasuna on Fri, Aug 24, 2012, at 11:37 AM
  • Arley,

    I am disappointed in your article, to say the least.

    Are you trying to get one of your brethren so enraged they will take matters into their own hands, believing your prophecy is now upon them?

    Think about what you are saying Arley.

    Take care of yourself.

    -- Posted by Geezer on Fri, Aug 24, 2012, at 7:24 PM
  • I am sorry you didn't see what I was saying, geezer. I guess that is my error, as I do say I don't trust what the President is doing, but my condemnation is against 'we the people...' who didn't ride herd on our leadership as we should have. We have received what we thought we wanted.

    Again, I am sorry you don't see what I see, but I have the same right to my opinion, as do you. Please show me where I advocated hostility or hurting anyone. Put your opinion on the table, and read my words again. If you still feel as you have written, so be it. I explain myself to you, this once, and stand by what I have said, about what I see wrong with our system of government/constituency. Oh, 'my brethren,' are the 'Citizens,' of this U.S.A, even when we don't see eye to eye, like you and I now, but I was only addressing my opinion, just as you do yours, when you see fit.

    -- Posted by Navyblue on Fri, Aug 24, 2012, at 8:45 PM
  • It's clear to me that Arley is saying place your trust in the Lord first, way above mere men. Geezer is playing the political correctness card, leave your faith at the door when talking politics. Followers of Jesus Christ and those calling themselves Christians have been cowed into silence for way too long. Speak up and be heard, and your presence felt at the ballot box.

    -- Posted by Chunky Peanut Butter on Fri, Aug 24, 2012, at 9:32 PM
  • Arley and Chunky

    In all my discussions on this site I have never discouraged anyones belief in their religion, or have I used a religion as a tool to support my opinions.

    -- Posted by Geezer on Sat, Aug 25, 2012, at 5:57 AM
  • Geezer,

    Take a thorough look at your above comment. It's not that you discourage anyone's beliefs, but you discourage them from acting on it. In this case, their right to vote.

    -- Posted by Chunky Peanut Butter on Sat, Aug 25, 2012, at 7:21 AM
  • Chunky,

    You are absolutely reading more into my comment than I applied.

    My concern is that some folks may take Arleys opinion about the President possibly being the Antichrist as a fact, and may take actions to expedite the prophecy his religious beliefs foretell.

    Maybe some people support the concept that their own religious beliefs allow them the right to denigrate an individual due to a lack of conformance with those religious beliefs - but I am sure not one of those people.

    -- Posted by Geezer on Sat, Aug 25, 2012, at 8:41 AM
  • I think that folks who believe Obama is the antichrist are way too far gone down crazylane to have a reasonable conversation with, political or otherwise. I admire you for trying though, Geezer.

    -- Posted by Benevolus on Sat, Aug 25, 2012, at 9:43 AM
  • If a follower of Christ interprets this as the beginning of the end of times, he/she know his/her job is to continue Jesus' work here on Earth. It's the non-believer that should scare you.

    -- Posted by Chunky Peanut Butter on Sat, Aug 25, 2012, at 11:21 AM
  • Yes, of course, be scared of the people NOT telling you that the world is going to end, and that the president is a mythical and magical figure sent by a red goat-man that lives below us somewhere, who is trying to deny you your heavenly rights.

    Don't be scared of the folks telling you that unless you start thinking exactly like the "believers", RIGHT NOW, you are going to spend eternity in misery, torture, damnation, and fire. Oh, and also, God loves you. That all makes perfect sense.

    -- Posted by Benevolus on Sat, Aug 25, 2012, at 12:13 PM
  • Thank you for the comments, pro and con. CPB, states well what I was trying to say. I (not simply) am saying that it is not Obama that is our main problem, it is our estrangement from Jesus, and our OWN SELFISH ATTITUDES, that needs correction. BHO, in reality, is the Messenger (tool of accomplishment).

    'We the People,' have become so lazy, and greedy, we elect Devious, and Greedy people, into office, who, promise the most, and are best suited to our own GREED (to get us what we want, and 'D___n the Torpedoes/[cost to others]).

    FWIIW, The term, 'the' Antichrist, I've heard him called, from myriad places and sources, in my electron travels. Perhaps we all should restudy the word formed by ""Anti'-'Christ,"" for the complete definition: ((Webster/NWD: '1. ... an opponent of Christ ...')).

    -- Posted by Navyblue on Sat, Aug 25, 2012, at 1:34 PM
  • Obama is a man, like any other. That's not quite true, I suppose. Anyone who is elected president is exceptional actually. There have been billions of people on earth over the last 200,000+ thousand years, but only 44 presidents. So in that regard, I suppose Obama is incredibly special.

    However, there is nothing, absolutely nothing supernatural about him. Disagreeing with a leader (whose policies are very similar to Reagan's so far BTW) is one thing. But ripping out the bible and spewing nonsense about Obama being the antichrist is simply insane in my opinion. There really is no gentle way to put it.

    People have been saying that Jesus will return and take them up to heaven since about 35 AD. Hasn't happened yet, probably never will. Enjoy your poetry.

    -- Posted by Benevolus on Sat, Aug 25, 2012, at 2:00 PM
  • I just wonder, what is it about Jesus Christ that offends this person so much?

    -- Posted by Chunky Peanut Butter on Thu, Aug 30, 2012, at 11:02 PM
  • Perchance, Epiphany Lost, in the haze and fog, of Secular life?? We, all, can see the shape in the fog, beckoning, but, some say Jesus is not clear enough to discern.

    -- Posted by Navyblue on Fri, Aug 31, 2012, at 9:03 AM
  • "I like your Christ. I do not like your Christians. They are so unlike your Christ." Gandhi

    -- Posted by Benevolus on Fri, Aug 31, 2012, at 11:54 PM
  • "It is not required one must 'like' Christ/Jesus, but to 'Believe,' on Him; plus,

    It is not required one must 'like' Christians, but to 'love' them." Arley

    Salvation is "only" through Jesus, not me, nor any other. AMEN

    -- Posted by Navyblue on Sat, Sep 1, 2012, at 9:42 AM
  • Sounds like Ghandi neither believed in Jesus, nor loved Christians. Yet, he was still one of the greatest humans in history.

    -- Posted by Benevolus on Thu, Sep 6, 2012, at 12:11 PM
  • I did err, above, when I typed:

    "It is not required one must 'like' Christians, but to 'love' them." Arley "

    That line should read:

    It is not required one must 'like' non-Christians, but to 'love' them." Arley (I forgot "non-")

    -- Posted by Navyblue on Thu, Sep 6, 2012, at 12:41 PM
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