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Starting my Day

Posted Tuesday, August 14, 2012, at 2:26 PM

Events today should scare a soul,
Some bad enough to Climb a pole,
Learn to love, as Jesus taught,
Belong to Him, a perfect thought.
Starting my Day
By Arley Steinhour 081412

I thank you Dear Jesus, for today,
In my, somewhat, country way,
I mumble words, and stretch a bit,
Until I'm loose enough to sit.

All the time I'm praising you,
While waking up, it's fun to do.
I ask for blessings on your new day,
And my contribution of unformed clay.

The sun has lighted up the sky,
Looks to be warm and dry,
Birds flit around, as if at play,
Fresh country air, no better way.

Off to 'throne room,' comfort call,
Jump in shower, scrub me, all,
Rinse and dry, all squeaky clean,
Quickly dress, for Breakfast scene.

Flapjack and eggs, perfect dining,
Then, scrub a dub, to keep teeth shining,
Singing Praise, wake computer up,
Find Preacher man, to fill my cup.

My other cup, with coffee, black,
Sipped as teaching puts heart on track,
A 'chaser' prayer, when preaching's through,
I'm ready for the rest, I love to do.

First, I'll praise you, with some poetry,
Thanks for your adoption to Family Tree,
I'll ask you to bless me, end to end,
Not on purpose, but I know I've sinned.

Read the news, from around the globe,
Travail of Times, worse than Book of Job,
Earth quaking and shaking, volcano's blowing,
Drought's, and flooding, Travail keeps growing.

On My mark, I'm now set to go,
Playing my part in the Jesus show,
Witness to anyone, who'll hear,
In other countries, or next door, near.

Yeee-Haaa!!! and AMEN

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