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Filling Life to Wife

Posted Monday, August 13, 2012, at 1:18 PM

Casting seed, by the life we lead,
Will prove the lessons we choose to learn,
Pebbles dull as night, or shiny bead,
Choices Made, simply put, Do we, 'Live or Burn?'
(Choose Life)
Filling Life to Wife
By Arley Steinhour 081312

At Three, I peeked into that mortal hole,
Life's tunnel, deep and dark,
Enticing, if I be a 'Tunnel Mole,'
Not, for this young Meadow Lark.

I looked around, for another path,
The better way to live my life,
Free from all that 'Darkness Wrath,
Without the 'Growing, Pain, or Strife.'

I saw the 'darkness,' everywhere,
Especially, in Black of Night,
The unknown, very hard to bear,
In that mortal childhood fight.

There was no Peace, nor harmony,
I saw adults, come and go,
Uniforms like the Green of money,
Where they went, I didn't know.

Suddenly, the Wars were won,
Celebrations, day and night,
Seven, now, life much more fun,
Toys for play, only childhood wars to fight.

Searching for that way through life,
Each path would twist and turn,
Leading back to that 'Tunnel-of-strife,'
It must hold all, for which I yearn.

Shuffle-stepping, day by day,
Cautious steps, into that tunnel,
A light appeared, as if to say,
'Come, quickly, through the funnel.'

Tripping, skipping, heavy of foot,
Squinted my eyes, and ran,
Growing light, my focus root,
Jumped into 'Life's Frying pan.'

That Tunnel, leads to Adult life,
Be it success, or a disaster,
Either way has a load of strife,
How we respond, does prove the Caster.

The paths we find, all point to One,
To make the journey smoother,
Life fraught with Angst, and mortal Fun,
Or with God/Jesus, 'Our light, and Prover.'

Take heart in hand, and bend the knee,
Repent the Sin-filled life,
Redemption, Cleans, and makes you free,
A member of His Holy Wife.


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