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Eleventh Hour

Posted Sunday, August 5, 2012, at 12:25 PM

Free clothing, on the bench seat,
Hot coffee, in fancy cup,
I've gone Home, the Groom to meet,
Repent to Him, to 'Come on Up.'
(I'm always Home)
Eleventh Hour
By Arley Steinhour 080512

With a song in my heart,
My eye's did open wide,
This day would be a part,
Of a Love, no man can hide.

For days, I've sat in wonder,
Had I done something wrong,
Made a sin filled blunder,
Praised, with a cursing Psalm?

In the sky, when lightning flashed,
My heart heard little thunder,
But the rumble that I heard,
Promoted me to wonder.

Passing through the Month of Av,
That day of condemnation,
Upon the Jew, and all they love,
Oft, rejected from Home, or Nation.

Now passed behind, with fear in kind,
You may have been quite involved,
To eye and ear, Your clues we find,
Days of Gentile, soon be dissolved.

Joy, in my heart this morning, clear,
Expectant song, again I sing,
Day for Bride to 'Come up Here,'
All 'Born-again,' take wing.

I keep the watch, by window sit,
For Trumpet Call, or Angel Wing,
Bridegroom coming, be part of it,
Going Home, Part of Bride, I'll Sing.

Still, I pray, for that one last joy,
To see no one, Left Behind,
Accountable, both girl and boy,
'Eleventh hour,' YOU, they find.


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