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Father Gave the Nod

Posted Saturday, July 28, 2012, at 9:10 PM

Starting in Jerusalem, Jesus gives His Call,
Ironically, there may be a few
Lifting up from the 'Western Wall,'
Messianic Jew, first call, then Gentile, too.
Father Gave the Nod,
By Arley Steinhour 072812

The Father nodded, a welcome sight,
The sign, Son's been waiting for,
Even though the nod was slight,
He headed for the open door.

Two Thousand years He'd waited,
For the nod to fetch His Bride,
Strength in waiting, underrated,
Heart next to bursting, Jesus Cried.

Heads were lifted, far and near,
As the Son, offered Angelic Call,
So Bride could hearken, 'Come up Here,'
Eternally, with Him, one and all.

In the twinkle of an eye,
Flash of White, Roll of Thunder,
Beyond number, Bride will fill the sky,
While 'Left Behind,' soon realize their blunder.

Peoples clothing, strewn about,
On street, on walk, or chair,
Wedding Bands lay where they fell,
It's old owner doesn't care.

In denial, some might say,
'These are crazy dreams,'
Confusion of looting, seen all day,
Some given pills, to quell their screams.

What can be said, There is no way,
To relate to what takes place,
Those Left Behind have little to say,
About those gone from the Human Race.

There won't be time for ponder,
Those in charge will see the chance,
To bring their friends, from over yonder,
Capitalizing on this happenstance.

Perhaps, someday, the truth they'll see,
About the Rapture, and Tribulation,
Why those events, were missed by you and me,
As Jesus leads rebuilding Earthly Nation.

Those, who are smart, will search their heart,
May, even Pray, and Ponder,
Repent their ways, before Rapture part,
Eternally to Praise, and Wonder.


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