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One Nation Under God

Posted Saturday, July 28, 2012, at 2:25 PM

Christian and Jew, lie in the ground,
Price of Freedom, is not light,
Eagle stands guard, on they, sleeping sound,
May be more, if Patriots need, again, to fight.
One Nation Under God
By Arley Steinhour 072812

The Welcome mat is tattered,
Awaiting transport to the trash,
The Front door badly battered,
Between two dead trees, once called cASH;

Paint, peeling from the siding,
Shingles, shed storms well no more,
Value, now is quickly sliding,
Greedy Roaches inhabit, walls and floor.

This described, if an unused home,
Would qualify for 'Rebuild Grants,'
Country, like a 'Burning Rome,'
Bankrupted, by greedy Sycophants.

They that We the People hired,
Promised, work to be well done,
Now needing to be fired,
Before their 'pillage-race,' is won.

Gnawing away, our 'Freedom,'
Twisting, 'Right to own a gun,'
Free Speech, Raped without a condom,
In this Welfare State, they run.

Demanding more from those who work,
To increase a welfare lifestyle,
Welfare, live better than the clerk,
Who mails the checks stacked in great pile.

November, cannot come too soon,
Damage done, leaves ugly scar,
'Four More,' will cause Fiscal balloon,
To burst beyond, Ravages of War.

Survival won't be an easy thing,
Slave-like Life, for forty years,
A generation gone, before they sing,
In a lifestyle, Grandchildren Steers.

The blame, placed on every shoulder,
From the young, to those much older,
All, play a part, weakly or much bolder,
Stop Freedoms Winter from being colder.

This country founded, on the Solution,
With precepts taken as unmentioned fact,
We must return, to Bible and Constitution,
If, from death, we wish to bring America back.


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