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Passing in Review

Posted Friday, July 27, 2012, at 10:34 AM

The challenge was to poeticize,
A painting/photo of a little girl,
Marching past chair of lawn size,
With a 'Patriotic swirl(??)'
Passing in Review
By Arley Steinhour 072612
(inspired by a painting/photo by (Kent ????))

Each morning Heidi marches, in Review,
Past the Red Lawn chair, her dad did love,
Daddy hasn't sat there, weeks now, more than few,
Her Daddy, lives with Jesus, up above.

Decked in her finest Patriotic dress,
Concentrating on each step with focused care,
Proudly showing braided tress,
So Daddy sees, Mommy did her share.

Daddy went to war, and there he died,
Saving people's lives, his he sacrificed;
Many weeks, she and mommy cried,
Through her marching, suffering was replaced.

Something else was missing, on the chair,
It took a week or two, to sort it out,
Daddy's favorite Jacket, no where there,
Placed on chair, then Heidi gave a shout.

Ever since she started, at crack of day,
Heidi, for her daddy, passes in Review,
Artist neighbor on his patio, painted away,
In a few weeks, you now see what he saw, too.

This painting now does hang on Heidi's wall,
Above the bed, where daddy sang his girl to sleep,
Part of Heidi, will for life, be three feet tall,
Until she goes to Heaven, to help dad tend God's Sheep.


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