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Rusty Rail Song

Posted Wednesday, July 25, 2012, at 10:43 AM

Like this dying scene, of an 'Yester - Day,'
To save one's soul, there's little chance,
'Redeeming Price,' no 'man' can pay,
Except, Jesus; Repent, you too can Dance.
Rusty Rail Song
By Arley Steinhour 072512

(photographer, unknown)

Once upon a Time, in God's terrain,
Some many years ago,
Someone owned a mountain train;
Along these tracks, would daily go.

Rail and ride, gave passengers a thrill
Track gauge was narrow span,
The train chugged up and down the hill
Where horse and wagon, maybe can.

Track shiny, glistened in the Sun,
Pinned to ties, all new and black,
Goods carried to mines and everyone,
Taking in, and bringing back.

Today, the tracks are laying there,
Still trying to point the way,
The ties, are very rotten,
Moldy green, unsafe I'd say.

The iron in the rail, of course,
Looks gray, and rusty-red,
Years long gone, much like the horse,
since a train ran this rail-bed.

The Times we're in, I'm studying,
Fresh news, right off the press,
It seems our world is changing,
Not for better, but worse, and less.

I look upon these track and tie,
As it twists around the bend,
And disappears, from who knows why,
A Time, we will not see again.

God, soon comes, to claim His Bride,
We, who made 'Overcoming Choice,'
Eternal Joy, our Saviors Pride,
To Praise, with heart and voice.

Those left behind, not caring,
Soon look much like the track,
Unused, unwanted, lying there,
With Satan, in Flame filled crack.

In the little time remaining,
You, still have the 'Choice,'
Repent your evil training,
Put 'Hallelujah' back in your Voice.


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