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Has There Been Another God Like You

Posted Tuesday, July 24, 2012, at 2:14 PM

As 'In the days of Noah,' flew,
Those of Grace are now near through,
We have no place to run and hide,
'Life, in You,' or know why we died.
Unsaved?? Please, 'Repent.'
My below lyrics were inspired by an old love song, I believe Dean Martin made famous, 'Have you Ever ...??' (Loved the tune, forgot the words). So I wrote this, to Jesus:

Has There Been Another God Like You
By: Arley Steinhour 072412

Has there been a-no-ther God like you,
Who would die for all our sin?
Has there been a-no-ther God like you,
Who would make us clean within?

We can say there is no-other.
We can say you are the Son;
Yes, the time is almost over,
To accept you, Hol-ly One.

The Tare are get-ting tall-er,
Wheat is rea-dy for the bin.
Time of choice, soon be o-ver,
As your pa-tience nears its end.

Keep the watch, for Christ Jesus,
Let con-trite heart sing this hymn.
He is co-ming ve-ry soon, friend,
To call his bride, on high, with him.

And the Bride of Christ prays: 'A-MEN!'

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