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Posted Saturday, July 21, 2012, at 6:03 PM

Small Battles, won or lost each day,
Still, I know how to win the 'War,'
Sin filled life, be dangerous play,
In Jesus, Eternity, Bright and Far.
By Arley Steinhour 072112

The coming of the Wars or War,
Where mortal man participates,
Will encompass near and distant shore,
Many dead be litter, unto Heaven's Gates.

The Era of 'Messiah's Church,'
Those in Jesus, me and you,
Raptured, with none left in lurch,
Except those refusing to be true.

The 'Time of Grace, Salvation,'
Gently placed on shelf, for show,
Starting in, Great - Tribulation,
More and More, to Hell, soul's go.

Those who die, and are bound for Hell,
Will then know, that Jesus Lives,
Too late they ask to drink at His Well,
When they have mark, that Satan gives.

Some, I pray, will change their heart,
Before 'Mark' condemns their soul,
Faith, and Survival, will win their part,
For Millennial blessing, not held in Sheol.

What may seem like feeble 'Ranting,'
Simply put, is choice of 'Good, and Bad,'
Jesus, the Good, worth 'Panting,'
Deep in Sheol for Judgment, 'Very SAD.'


PS: Please ... Ponder ... Soon ... Darkness is upon us.

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