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Posted Friday, July 20, 2012, at 12:25 PM

John would ponder, what he saw,
Some things made little sense,
Describing visions within God's Law,
Felt value of less than two-pence.
By Arley Steinhour 072012

Down in the mouth, I am, it seems,
Caused by what Fellow man can do,
Happenings beyond wildest dreams,
If Muslim, at them I'd throw my shoe.

Rebellions, running rampant,
Hate Crimes, far more than one,
Behavior worse than Satanic plant,
Killing Christians, just for fun.

We're told, we must accept them,
In what they do, and represent,
In my Faith, I find a problem,
That behavior is 'Hell - Bent.'

The 'law' of man, leaders think,
Sets aside those of our God,
I'm not sure just what they 'drink,'
But, sure they'll bear 'Iron Rod.'

Christianity, too, has Radicality,
In perfection of the Word of God,
We don't kill, to prove Practicality,
Love-filled Balm defeats need for Rod.

The wayward mind of mortal man,
Tells God that 'we' know best,
Then wonder why He's not our 'Fan,'
As He puts us to the 'Test.'

This 'rant,' could carry on all day,
So, let us jump right to the chase,
If we don't 'Repent,' our Sinful way,
We have no chance to 'Win God's Race.'

We have that 'Choice,' call it 'Two,'
Better known, as "Yes," or, "No,"
'Yes,' means Salvation, Eternity through,
'No,' condemns to 'Hell,' where soul must go.


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