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Repentance Required

Posted Sunday, July 15, 2012, at 3:11 PM

In a park or on a mountain,
War-zone, or filthy Alley,
Repent, to Jesus, Salvation's Fountain,
He'll lead you through life's deadly 'valley.'
Repentance Required
By Arley Steinhour 071512

(Dedicated to the full recovery of Jeff, Richard Budig's Grandson, badly injured in an auto accident (Please pray Jeff lives and heals))

Dear Father God, in Your Shalom,
I offer to you, this prayer,
For all the folks, that you call Home,
To be eternally, in your care.

As in the days of 'Noah, and Lot,'
The Mortality we live, each day,
Choices made, things sold and bought,
Develop character, the Shepherd's way.

You lead us to the pasture,
To water, when we thirst,
We must choose our Master,
Is He Best, or perchance the Worst.

There's no such thing as 'middle ground,'
Life with you, or Deadly Satan stew,
All 'Good' things, with you, are found,
With Satan, Pain and Torment, nothing new.

What can we do, we ask you,
To have Eternity, before your Throne,
How much and well, the Good we need do,
To prove we're good enough on our own?

Your Word, say's we can't accomplish,
Paying Sin-price, by mortal 'works,' alone,
None are pure enough, but to wish,
No Salvation 'meat' upon our bone.

The Laws, you Justly made, oh God,
Restitution, could only be paid by You,
That's why you came without an Iron Rod,
Centuries ago, as 'Servant' to All, not Few.

Your coming, as God, people thought projected,
To 'Save them from Tyranny,'
Would negate the need that you be Rejected,
Crucified, Die, and Rise, to set man Free.

The Sin-price for every person, 'Death,'
That which, 'Not One, could Pay,' in full,
You had written through your Prophetic breath,
Through Prophets, your Stenographic pool.

Repentance Required, on Bended Knee,
Seeking Forgiveness for all out Sins,
By Grace, you Bless us completely Free,
Eternal Life, With You, Begins.


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