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NonHeroic Patriot

Posted Sunday, July 8, 2012, at 3:21 PM

Don't sip of Satan's 'redruM,'
That drink will do you in,
Foul language passing eardrum,
Means, crowd is filled with Sin.
(USS T. Roosevelt SSBN600, one of my Nuclear rides)
NonHeroic Patriot
By Arley Steinhour 070812

When asked, 'How heroically,
did you serve, Land of the Free,'
I'd say, 'I don't sleep well in fox-holes,
And have no need, to Pee on a tree.'

'I'm a submarine sailor,
Who works under the sea,
you want to kick my demeanor,
You must search, to maybe find me.

I hide, in the deep,
To keep my country free,
Some call me a 'Sneaky-creep,'
No respect, for a foe they can't see.

We had a red button/switch,
Awaiting 'Nuc' battle call,
Job allowing no 'blunder or hitch,'
Deterrent Defense, for one-and-all.

Part's played, in the pushing of button,
Meant we'd failed, in our first calling,
Once launched, I knew I'd feel rotten,
You'd probably find me bawling.

No, I'm not a hero,
I'm Patriot strong,
Won't serve a 'Nero,'
At least, very long.

I serve the Kingdom,
Ruled by our God,
No 'Mark of the Beast,'
needing God's 'Iron Rod.'


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