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Patriot CALL

Posted Sunday, July 8, 2012, at 12:20 PM

How many have died for our Freedom,
How many folk, don't really care,
Losing it will cost lives again of some,
Survivor's win Slavery, their share.
Patriot CALL
By Arley Steinhour 070812

The 'Call' to be Patriot, is Three-Sixty-Five,
Only that diligence, keeps Freedom Alive,
Much regulation, makes Free men have less,
'Lazy,' demand 'more,' Socialistic I guess.

For Nation's survival, need Freedom regain,
As, the track we are on, we'll soon find 'that train,'
That train that will grind up, and spit out the rest,
Those that survive, will be breathing, at best.

I'm on the 'dole,' as some folk would say,
Many folk say, 'tough,' we'll no-longer pay,
Retirement check, comes from the Taxing,
When income gone, I'm dead from the Axing.

My 'independence,' now higher than that,
Salvation's through Jesus, not 'Casey at bat.'
Man cannot equal, God's Spirit 'Call,'
As Patriot with Jesus, I truly 'Play Ball.'


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