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Thanks Brother Paul

Posted Saturday, July 7, 2012, at 11:01 AM

Jesus/God, is waiting, it, yet, is not too late,
Salvation, Grace given, to all free,
Filthy-rags, our works, that dissipate,
Jesus, 'Paid-the-Freight,' for you and me.
Thanks Brother Paul
This is thanks to you,
and an Alert to those
who read
By Arley Steinhour 070712

Enjoy God's Love, that falls like Rain,
To brother Paul Schneider, give cheer,
He tries to save you from eternal Pain,
If you've eyes to see, or ears to hear,

Refusal, means suffering Tribulation Torment,
With the horrors of God and Man, killing man,
If you still don't Repent, Eternal TORMENT,
In Lake of Fire, with Lucifer, and ghoulish Clan.

God's warnings, now given, the crops are at risk,
Four 'Horsemen,' are soon to ride,
Prophecy, now flowing at Travail pace, brisk,
Tribulation can enter as gates open wide.

Turn your heart to Jesus, to have Saving Grace,
His Salvation Gate closes quite soon,
Repentance, through Jesus, will win the Race,
Refusal, brings 'Iron Rod,' or 'Doom.'

Jesus Loves you, we love you, Join-us, in HIM;

Paul's article:

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