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FREEDOM Bursting in Air

Posted Tuesday, July 3, 2012, at 6:48 PM

FREEDOM Bursting in Air
By Arley Steinhour 070312

Happy Independence Day, to you, and yours, Patriots, one and all.
Too many have forgotten what it means to stand, Free, and Tall.

The gauntlet now lays at our feet, do we pick it up,
Or do we crawl away and hide, and whimper like a pup?

Too many parents failed their job, they didn't teach their son,
How wondrously important, to carry on our Freedoms, already won.

We need to try to salvage, this country that we love,
Through discipline, and integrity, led by our God, above.

Most of the Founding Fathers, who fought and shed their blood,
Pledged and spent their earthly fortunes, also flowing like a flood.

The list goes on and on, about the sacrifices made,
Because our Founding Fathers, had no treasury to raid.

Today, we're facing leadership, that seem to hate the U S A,
Sitting in their White House office, finding more trump-cards to play.

This is but my opinion, 'Enjoy the fireworks today,'
It may just the last time, we have Freedom with which to play.

Ponder, please, my poetic warning, in November, proudly vote your heart,
It's sink or swim, whoever's right, at least, you voted, that's a start.


As I wrote the poem, these lyrics started flooding into my echo chamber. I offer for mood, not to degrade our Anthem.

(To the Star Spangled Banner):

Oh_oh, say can you see, in this land of the Free,
Any_one, who will fight, and retrieve what is miss_ing,
Yes, the stars, and broad stripes, a_re still most_ly there,
Free_doms sli_pping away, through our lea_ders hand kiss_ing,
Peo_ple who want us dead, we're now tuck_ing in bed,
We pay them to stay, they de_mand life their way. Oh, say, does that Free_dom still wa_ave i_n the ni_ight,
O_r was it ta_ken down, wi_th_o_ut, a fight?

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