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Prophetic Sway

Posted Monday, July 2, 2012, at 4:30 PM

After Rapture, Four Horsemen, soon will ride,
Hell on Earth, then truly does begin,
Those left alive, must take Beast-mark or hide,
Taking Beast Mark, seals them in their Sin.
Prophetic Sway
By Arley Steinhour 070212

To the world, I've this to say,
'With heavy heart, we're near the day,
When Tribulation, Great, stops all play,
Prophecy, now ready, to have sway:

Jesus came to earth, you know,
To form this great 'surprise;'
That isn't falling 'rain,' or snow,
Scales are dropping from your eyes.

Sadly though, you soon will know,
You've lived a life filled of 'lies;'
Fourteen Centuries, scales did grow,
Time is needed, to clear all eyes.

Islam needs to know, 'A Must,'
Only Jesus paid the Price;
What they know is Sin-filled Dust,
We be Lion Strong, not 'mice.'

The Prophecies were written,
Twenty-five Centuries ago,
'Follow Satan, and be smitten,'
Or, chose Jesus, and you'll know.

You'll know, He is the 'Only way,'
To ever see your God,
Heeding what False Prophets say,
You'll feel God's Iron Rod.

Jesus, is the shepherd, True,
Who calls you through the gate,
Those hearing, follow, path of His shoe,
Repent, please, before too late.

He's calling, can't you hear him?
Jesus wants you for His spouse,
Bride Price, in blood, paid for our Sin,
Then, He went to build the House.

Soon, Trumpets herald He's 'coming,'
To Snatch away His Bride,
With Trumpet call, not 'humming,'
He'll takes us to His side.

So, turn your faith to Jesus,
Let Love fill and clean your heart;
Be one, in the Family of Jesus,
For Eternity, our Love Filled part.


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