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Here We Stand

Posted Monday, July 2, 2012, at 12:24 PM

Like John, when he wrote Revelation,
Surrounded by Hate, we survive,
Having great problems, as a Nation,
Our trust in Jesus, we MUST revive.
Here We Stand
By Arley Steinhour 070212

Here, I stand, before my God,
Here, I am, a worthless Potter's clod,
To shape me right, don't spare the rod,
I'll know I'm yours, when you smile, and nod.

Eternity, with you, is so right with me,
As a cleansed member of your family,
Graduation to you, soon sets me free
I will sing. dance, and recite poetry.

War-winds, are blowing strong, on earth,
Sick and lost, live with no mirth,
Pot empty, no fire, on cold iron hearth,
Indicates your coming, to give planet rebirth.

Seven years, soon expended, making repair,
Cleansing the earth, especially the air,
Garden of Eden, soon we all share,
In Kingdom Rule, learn to care.

One thousand earth years, accomplishing,
Long life for all, learning how to take wing,
Separation of Tare from the Wheat-offering,
Those found in Life's Book, will dance and sing.

Any person, who reads these words, or has heard,
And, have not made the choice, to accept God's 'Word,'
Get serious, please, accept Salvation offered,
In Lake of Fire, you'll never be honored.

Say, Jesus, my God, here I stand,
I offer my heart and my hand,
I repent my sin from this land,
In your blood, Salvation, so Grand.


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