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Childhood Hero Mine

Posted Sunday, July 1, 2012, at 1:40 PM

Tarzan swam like a shark, in the water, Jesus, walked upon storming sea, Tarzan the Hero, of son and daughter, Jesus, the Redeemer of ALL, even me. [Tarzan = Yeee-Haaa!!! Jesus is AMEN]
Childhood Hero Mine
By Arley Steinhour 070112

I took to swimming, like an Otter,
Spent much of my childhood where it's cooler,
Most of my swimming, under water,
Much like my hero, Johnny Weissmuller.

In the 30's and 40's, Tarzan, the Ape-man, be,
Fighting natives, wild, and crocodiles, long,
Speaking funny, an orphan, living in a tree,
Ape adopted, that raised him wild and strong.

The movies were eleven cents,
Twelve Pop-bottles, admission for three,
Bottles, an easy find, after Saturday dance,
To the movie, sister, brother, and me.

Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, and Tarzan the fare,
Lone Ranger, and Lash Larue, filled the gaps,
Didn't need to worry about what to wear,
Owned, Sunday suit, and 'Bibs,' with straps.

Tarzan, I favored, when he wrestled the Croc,
Large enough, to scare anyone meek,
With knife in hand, Johnny swam like a rock,
One breath, and fought Croc. for a week.

When doing their battle, I held my breath,
In case Tarzan needed my help,
But I always did gasp, before the Croc's death,
I felt like a discarded whelp.

I didn't know the scene be untrue and fake,
The fight made from a bunch of film-clips,
My face turned red, to find the swamp was a lake,
And they used many cameras to catch scene-rips.

One thing, I did learn, from Those Tarzan fights,
Was the capacity to long hold my breath,
I hadn't noticed, but each try turned on my lights,
Until, five minutes would pass, without death.

Once I knew I could swim like an Otter,
Every so often, surface, like a great whale,
Energy, well spent, deep in the water,
Gasp of fresh air, back to deep, without fail.

Over a year, I did swim the bottom of pond,
Or, when I had money, the swimming pool,
Till a lifeguard, one day, waved his magic wand,
Five minutes, I swam on surface, quite 'cool.'

Moral of the story, be this, that I say,
Study and teaching, as we set our pace,
Focus on one goal, is most always the way,
Only through Jesus, we win Eternal Race.

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