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Praise and Glory 063012

Posted Saturday, June 30, 2012, at 12:38 PM

Who would know, pain, joy, and strife,
Of mortal life, better than John,
With tenderness, he'd close the book of life,
That, many loved ones could carry on.

Brother John now lives in Eternal bliss,
No aches, no pain, no tears,
Wife, Karla, again, John may hug and kiss,
An Eternal, what we call years.
Praise and Glory 063012
By Arley Steinhour

I pray, you find me pleasing,
Without a trace of sinful pride,
To stand before you, Praising,
Where no mortal lie can hide.

To offer up, my praising pro's,
To worship in my rhyme,
Enjoying how my love grows,
'Dueling Psalms,' eternal clime.

John and me, side by side,
Praising with voices like Trumpet calls,
Mouths, and Hearts, opened wide,
Reverberations from Heavens walls.

What joy, today, to ponder you,
Smiling ear to ear,
Swaying with words, flowing true,
You'd sometimes offer a cheer.

For what you do for all mankind,
Our praises can never repay,
But we'd be satisfied to find,
A smile, when on your ear we play.

Our encore would be an eternal song,
With lyrics straight from the heart,
Add all the souls singing as a 'Throng,'
John and I will be doing our part;
Glorifying YOU.


I dedicate this praise and glory to a dear, lifetime friend,
who just graduated 'Home,' John Herrmann,
rejoined, now, with his loving wife, Karla,
Who graduated [May 21st.], a month ago.

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